Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Sukiyaki beef bentos with fresh fruit dessert

I'm not one for red meat, normally.  But now that fall is here and it's starting to cool down at night, I feel a desire to have a taste of beef.  That's exactly what this meal is.  Beautiful white rice, veg boiled in dashi (which I then used to make the beef sauce) and sukiyaki beef.

It was fantastic!

I only needed a small amount of beef to make this bento and loosely followed the recipe in the The Just Bento Cookbook .  I love the added depth the leeks give the beef sauce.

For dessert I cut up a nashi pear and soaked the pieces in salt water for a few moments, then dried them with a paper towel before packing them in the box.  They didn't even think about turning brown.  The grapes are the last from the garden and there is a small amount of blue cheese tucked away in the corrner.

A very satisfying and simple to make bento.  The Captain's bento box had about 75 grams of beef, mine only needed 50 grams.  Bulking it out with veg was a good idea, but I don't think I'll use daikon again.  Very affordable, very yummy.

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