Monday, September 3, 2012

Bento Breakfast & Lunch: Fall Fair

The Fall Fair is perhaps my favourite time of the year.  I usually spend Saturday there demonstrating arts and crafts, which I enjoy immensely.  It also means a long day away from home so I had better pack a good bento box or two.

My breakfast is in the cute-bunny box.  This box is actually designed to hold onigiri (rice balls) with an extra compartment for snacks or fruit.  This is my first time using this box but I found it to be excellent both is size and functionality for breakfast.  

pear, apple and grapes in the lower compartment. 

I sliced a gala apple and an Asian pair up thin, put them in salt water for a few moments, dry them with a paper towel, then alternated them for an interesting colour effect.  The fruit didn't brown at all and there was no hint of salt when I bit into them.  This works much better than lemon water for keeping fruit fresh.

The top compartment was just the perfect fit for a couple of home baked scones.  I use a variation on my Grandmother's recipe to accommodate my allergies.

Lunch was a real treat to make.  I actually made most of this for dinner the night before, and the bento box was quite literally filled with leftovers.

I love how the upper section has a lid to help prevent leaks
and keep everything in place.

Top level has nuka pickles (carrots and cucumbers), shio koji chicken, and chard namuru.  I'm super-thrilled that the nuka vat is healthy again.  I just wish I could get my hands on some more rice bran (without the germ added) to increase the size of the vat.

Bottom level has rice, ume, carrot gobo kimbira, and cheese stars.

Now this lunch box is huge by my usual standards.  Around 750ml (which apparently means about 750 calories when packed full up like this).  I usually eat about half that for lunch.  Yet, I gobbled it all down.  Something about being outside among people all day long... or perhaps it was the wicked cumulation of food truck smells... made me overly hungry.  So glad I packed extra everything. 

As it was a hot day and I worried about the chicken spoiling, I wrapped a frozen juice box next to my lunch to keep it cool.  By the end of the day, the juice had thawed and was ready to drink.  It's much better than using chemical ice packs.

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