Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making Hummus Manually - introducting the universal food chopper

Hummus is one of my favourite feel good foods.  It's simple yet flavourful.  It's spicy yet somehow also soothingly mild.

Hummus gets along well with everyone, be it cheese or crackers, carrots, or apples.  It's the perfect food for dipping, or just dipping one's fingers in and licking them sensually.

Hummus is perhaps the second most sensual food, after chocolate of course.  If you make your own, you can make it crunchy or silky.  Piquant or soothing.  It stimulates the senses and the appetite.

As some of you may have figured out by now, my blitzer and I do not get on well.   An, my blender... well... we don't talk any more.  But I did happen to get my hands on rather a nifty gadget at a junk shop the other day.  It's called a universal food chopper and according to the ephemera of it's time (circa 1890s through 1960s) it can handle anything.  But can it handle hummus?

Yes.  It can.

Using my standard hummus recipe, and the nut butter attachment, I pealed and used the food chopper to mush up the garlic, then went to work on the well drained chickpeas.

The chickpeas come out looking rather flaky, but they are soft as butter.

I mixed in the usual and massaged it with my hands for about 10 seconds to blend well.  I suppose I could use a spoon (and would do if I was cooking for someone else) but hey, it's an excuse to get my hands dirty.

Time-wise, including cleaning, it took the same amount of time as using a blitzer.  It did take more concentrated effort on my part, but that might be part of the learning curve.  I now know I can make hummus if the power goes out, which is a good skill to be able to have during storm season or zombie apocalypse.

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