Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coming home from camping

Moon rising above the camp kitchen.
Camping was a blast.  It was everything I remember it not being as a child. Well, except for the massive amounts of rain, I remember that from childhood camping.

I think the biggest difference for me was having proper home style food instead of rushed undercooked camp stuff and sugary snacks.  That and I had an absolutely awesome group of people to hang out with.
For the meals I followed pretty close to the original plan, only cutting down on the cooking on the first day.

Tending the sourdough starter by moonlight

There must have been something extra special in the air, because the sourdough starter I took camping with me became extra lively.  It had more of a sweet flavour than the sour flavour I get at home.  It made some fantastic pancakes and flatbreads.  Will be taking sourdough camping from now on.

instant coffee - neat idea, but not as good as homebrew

My friends camp kitchen.  It folds up nice and small, very efficient.


pancakes and strawberries

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