Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bento: Shiokoji chicken, rice, tomatoes, cabbage and pickled daikon

Today's bento was rice, shio koji chicken, tiny tomatoes, cabbage kimpira and those pickled radishes I told you about the other day (very tasty, if a bit spicy).

The little triangles contain raisins and toasted almonds for emergency energy.

For tea, I combined some green tea with some herbs I gathered and dried during the summer - gunpowder green tea, sage and mint.  Brew it, strain it, put it in my to-go mug.  yum.

Affordable: probably 3 to 5 dollars for the entire lunch, depending if the veg and chicken are on sale or not.

Healthy: yep, though I maybe don't need such a large portion size, as packing this lunch box averages 750 calories, nearly half my daily intake.  But if we aren't counting calories, then everything in here is yummy and good for me.

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