Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bento: pasta and salad

I cooked about equal amounts cauliflower and pasta, then gave it a cream sauce.  It tastes way better if it has a chance to cook in the oven, but it didn't so all the cheese sauce sunk to the bottom.

But the salad was fantastic.  Little bocconcini (cheese balls) lettuce, cucumber, and this yummy homemade caesar dressing I found on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution site.  What I like best about it is that we don't have to make/use mayo, instead it uses a yoghurt base.  I used fil mjolk instead, but it tasted great.

Because I went with a higher fat content in the dressing, the salad was very filling.  I would more than gladly have just that for lunch, and leave the pasta at home.

Healthy, probably.  Affordable, yes - maybe a dollar or two for the salad, about the same for the pasta.  Vegan, nope.

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