Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lunch for Spinning

Last weekend I went to an event called a Spin In.  It's a group of people, who gather in one room and spin yarn.  Most of us have wheels, some with spindles, everyone using circular devices to make lovely yarn.  In case you are thinking this is a unusual event, there were over 100 people there, just from our corner of The Island.

I wanted to give my lunch a round theme to go with the spinning wheels, so I used my tiffin and tried for things that were round, or that reminded us of round things.

The rice with the pickled plum (ume boshi) in the middle is like the wheel and hub.  The round cheese balls (lebneh I think it's called) and round tomatoes speak for themselves, the carrots and cucumbers, through round in their original form, are like spindle shafts for today.  Then the apple and cheese are there to represent... um, ... because they are yummy.

There were a lot of different wheels, all varieties and sizes, new and old.

I don't know how well this photo shows up, but there was snow, falling heavily outside in the park.  It didn't stick (that day) but it looked beautiful coming down.  Gave the day a magical feeling to be cozy inside, surrounded by wool and yarn, while winter displays its colours.

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