Friday, December 7, 2012

Hoto Noodles with loads of yummy, yummy veg

As we quickly move toward the shortest day of the year, it seemed like a good idea to make a bright and cheerful udon soup hotpot.  What I love best about this are the colourful veg - actually, that's not true, what I like best is the taste and the texture.

To make the dashi (stock)

A couple of inches of Kombu (kelp) seaweed
2 Tbs dry mini anchovies (see end of recipe for how to make this vegan friendly)

  • place them in cold water and let soak for half an hour
  • slowly bring to the simmer (not boil as this can change the flavour of the soup) and simmer for about 5 min
  • Remove the kombu from the stock and slice really thin, use as a veg for the noodle soup.  I like to leave the fish in the soup as I think it gives a nice flavour and added calcium 

To make the noodle soup

1 section of dry udon noodle
4 plants of komatsuna
2 green onions
1/2 a carrot
1/2 inch of daikon raddish
a bit of squash
some little flowers that they put in japanese soup sometimes
1 Tbs Red Bean Miso (soy free) paste

  • Place the carrots and radish in the dashi and simmer for about 5 min.  
  • Add the squash and noodles, simmer for 4 min
  • Add the rest of the veg, and simmer for a couple of minutes
  • Take a bit of the dashi stock and mix it in a bowl with the soy free miso paste, then add to the hot pot
  • Serve piping hot.

This could easily be made vegan friendly by using a kombu only dashi stock.

This recipe was inspired by the Cooking With Dog video, Hoto Noodles.  The video has all sorts of extra goodies like mushrooms and napa cabbage.  I just made mine with what ingredients I had on hand and some komatsuna I found at the local Japanese food store.

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