Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sort-of Sorted Brioche

I do not know what is more attractive, a man who loves cooking or a British accent. Lucky for me I don't have to choose.

The fellows at Sorted, a rather impressive cooking site, show how easy and manly it is to love creating food. They even have their own cook book, Beginners Get ... Sorted .  I can't wait to try some more of their recipes.

Since I'm in the middle of a bread obsession right now, I started with a Brioche recipe.  Although, probably not the correct definition, a brioche is a sweet, light, eggy bread that tastes FANTASTIC!

I made a few changes to mine (oh, golly, gosh, gee, you say?).

Making this brioche all started when I saw dried pineapple in the store.  I thought to myself, Mmmmm... sure apricot goes well with chocolate but pineapple would be exactly that holiday flavour I'm looking for.  

I also have not yet found a chocolate chip that tastes good and has no soy, so I got a dark chocolate bar and  chopped it into chunks.

Most of the chocolates from Denman Island Chocolates are soy free and tastes amazing, just like chocolate should.  It's my first time cooking with it like this, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  The taste is more intense than I remember chocolate chips being, so I wouldn't put as much chocolate in it as the recipe calls for.

While I was mixing up the dough I felt that it needed some vanilla extract.  Only when I got to the cupboard, there was also almond extract - so I used half a tsp of each.

I don't have any sugar in the house right now (Almost never do, except for the hummingbirds) so I used an equal amount (by volume) of maple syrup instead. 

The other thing I didn't use is a mixer.  

Sure, I have one, but I haven't used it in over two years.  I just find cooking by hand to be so much more satisfying.  The mixer is currently in the pile of things to sell, although mixing this by hand is giving me cause to reconsider.  

Check out the Sorted site and the video for brioche when you have a chance.  

I look forward to making more goodies from their site.  Just in case they are reading this, please do some recipes with chestnuts!  

Allergy friendly: as I've shown, the filling can be changed easy enough, but people with egg and yeast allergies as well as on glutin free diets should probably avoid this one.

Vegan friendly: not easy to make this vegan due to butter and eggs playing such a vital part in the structure of the bread.  But some kinds of vegetarians might be able to enjoy this - check before you bake this for them.

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