Monday, December 3, 2012

Recipe for chestnut sweet potato rice cooked in a Korean stone pot (dolsot)

Rice cooked in a Dolsot has a really magic taste to it that you can't get any other way.  It is also surprisingly easy to make.

Chestnut and Sweet Potato Rice

1 cup rice (Japanese or American cup, it doesn't matter, just choose one and stick with it)
1 small sweet potato
400g chestnuts, roasted
1tsp soy-sub or soy sauce
1Tbs sake
dash salt
optional - small bit of kombu
Sesame oil for the Dolsot

  • oil the dolsot with the sesame oil.  This is an important step to maintaining your stone pot.
  • Wash the rice really well.  Add water to the rice.  You can use the measurements on the rice package, or you can use an electric rice cooker to measure out how much water, then put the rice and water together into the stone pot, or you can put the rice in the stone pot and make it so the water is about 1/8 to 3/16th of an inch above the rice.
  • Chop the sweet potato, add to the rice
  • Shell if necessary, and loosely crumble the chestnuts.
  • Add the soy-sub, sake, kombu and salt.  Mix together well.
  • Cook on medium low heat for about 45 min or until rice is done.  Feel free to check and stir the rice after half an hour.

After you have scoped the rice out of the bowl ad boiling hot water, green onions, and miso paste to the pot for a healthy soup.

Clockwise from top left: carrot & gobo kimpira, kimchi,
miso paste and green beans for making the soup

This is vegan friendly.

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