Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Kitchen (and therefore blog) goals for 2013

Taken at Fort Rod Hill last summer

To me an empty kitchen is a beautiful thing.  It's like a blank page, just waiting to be filled in.  But left alone too long, it starts to wither and decay.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, it sustains us.  It worries me that people forget that in this modern age of prefab foodstuff.  Their kitchens wither and decay because they feel they don't have enough time, they don't have enough money or they don't have enough energy to cook for themselves.  Without a healthy kitchen, how can the rest of your life be healthy?  Food is the one thing that everyone must imbibe in order to thrive in this world.  If I learnt nothing else from years of studying philosophy, it's the one solid truth on which we can build our lives.  What we eat makes us who we are. 

People often tell me that it is impossible to eat foods that are environmentally friendly, healthy, and economical (both in time and money).  They believe that these three things are incompatible.  I say they are wrong. Maybe, in some small way, writing this blog can help people be more self sufficient  save money in the kitchen, and eat in a way that is good for their health and the environment.

I would like to set myself some goals for this blog in 2013.  Here are a few topics I would like to explore this year.

Cooking for Vegans - Exploring what it means to have a friend who is a vegan, and some simple recipes that you can cook for them when they come to call.

Vegan Friendly - Not quite the same as the Cooking for Vegans topic; but rather, a little note at the end of the recipe to tell you if it's vegan friendly and what, if anything, can be done to make the food vegan friendly.

Affordable Cooking - It is possible to eat well on a shoe string, without resorting to pre-fab foods.  I hope to make an effort to include what it cost me to make a recipe and write some posts specifically about getting the most out of your food - not letting anything go to waste, and still being yummy at the same time.

Allergy Friendly - I don't know all the allergies out there, but I will continue to point out any of the obvious ones that may come up.  I'm also interested in exploring some more soy alternatives for both Asian cooking and Vegan cooking.

Bento Friendly - Can it be packed in a box and taken for lunch safely and efficiently?  I really want to bring my focus back to the portability of meals and foodstuff.

The Quest for Bacon -  Coming soon!

Healthy - I'm by no means a professional able to evaluate a healthy diet - there are so many variations on what constitute a healthy diet, that it would be hubris for me to even try - but I will give my opinion if I think it's good for you, hopefully citing my source if I can, and giving suggestions on what sorts of foods compliment the recipe to make it a more 'complete' meal.

Fast Foods - Not the pre-fab industrial stuff.  More food that is fast to make.  This is going back to the people who believe you cannot fit making your own food into a busy schedule   Although, fast food has many meanings.  To me it means, food that requires little fuss and little actual time from the cook.  So a slow cooker meal would be my perfect fast food.  It takes 10 min in the morning, and is ready when you are in the evening.

Earth Friendly - I would love to do a bit about this with each recipe, but I'm really not qualified.  So instead I'm hoping to focus more on agriculture, sustainability and the like.

And of course, more recipes.  What a food blog be without recipes?

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