Friday, January 11, 2013

#TweetRecipe Challenge

In Japan, long ago, people use to communicate with each other through poetry.  A conversation in verse.  The most perfected form of poetry being the Haiku, a short, three line poem of beauty  simplicity and yet, deeply engaging.  

There is something about Twitter that reminds me of Haiku poetry.  One is required to fit an entire idea into 140 characters of type.  

I also think a lot about recipes.  How a recipe is like a poem.  A well written recipe conveys a whole world of information in a few simple words.  And, like bad poetry, a poorly written recipe can be verbose and long winded.

But what if we could write a whole recipe in 140 characters (including hashtag)?  What would that look like?

Delicious Sourdough Crackers
It may not get all the nuances, like how thick to roll it out, or the title, but it makes a fun exercise in simplifying a recipe.  If you can say the bare bones of the recipe in under 140 characters, then you know it well enough to write it out long form.

So here's my challenge for you.  Write your favourite recipe in a single Twitter post, include the hashtag #TweetRecipe, and if you like, leave a comment here letting me know.  Or if you don't have a twitter account, just write it in the comments here, in 140 characters or less.  

There is no prize, but I will be taking my favouite recipes and trying them at home - I'll give you a mention if I choose yours.  

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