Sunday, September 29, 2013

Viili culture 68 hours later

68 hours into culturing
Can you see the upper left side,where the cream cracks
and there is something like way?
The viili yoghurt culture is more challenging than expected.  It's gotten to this clotted cream stage, and no further. I think it's stuck.

Although, I must say, I really like the smell.  It has all the best qualities of a yoghurt smell - sweet, enticing, smooth - without any of the aroma I don't like - sour, milky, acrid.

The people at Wells of Health got back to me quickly and said, just keep waiting and whatever I do, don't put it into the fridge until it is set.  It's reassuring to know that I'm doing the right thing as I'm always so nervous when I make things from milk.

I can definitely see that the culture is doing something to the milk, so wait a bit and check on the culture, will be my rhythm for today.  With hopefully a trip to the store to see if I can pick up some Koji and chickpeas for miso making.

The Kombucha isn't changing much, maybe a bit more cloudy, like mist raising up from a valley at dawn.  No daughter (or new mother) is forming yet, but I think the house may be a bit cool for it.

The Kombucha tea getting quite beautiful in the jar, but difficult to photograph because of the reflection in the glass.  I bet there is some sort of trick for getting around that, one day I'll learn it.

As it is, I'm still learning how to photograph food without it coming out like this...

...steamed up camera lense!  Photographing hot food is harder than you think.

Here's a random thought:  If this yoghurt cultures at room temperature, is it a chance this will be more bento friendly than regular store bought yoghurt?  If I pack it in my lunch will it stay yummy longer at room temp than the store bought stuff?

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