Friday, November 1, 2013

Bento: spicy tuna and whatever was in the fridge

This is one of those last minute, I didn't have a chance to go shopping, bento lunches.

Here we can see spicy tuna and cucumber rolls, as well as cucumber and cheese rolls, in the top container, and for the bottom, I have cucumber salad, with a side of homemade kimchi and a bit of a soy-free chocolate bar.

Inside the red onigiri container are toasted almonds and raisins for high energy pick-me-ups.

As you can see, the little yellow divider has red pickled ginger and a little fish shaped container of sauce.  This isn't soy sauce, it's soy sub made from rice.  You can buy the empty containers from places like jlist and fill them up with whatever sauce you like.  It's perfect for lunches on the go.

Bento Lunch

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