Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kechk Stew

I've been playing around more with Kechk lately, making stews and soups and random stuff.  I quite like it.  It's easy to digest, and seems to make meat easier to digest too.  

To make the kechk stew, I do the usual fry the onions, brown the meat (or forget it if you are going vegetarian), add the vegi and some salt and pepper, don't forget the garlic, stir some more.  Mix a few Tbs of kechk powder into some water, add it to the stew with more water, boil it down till everything's cooked through.  Add more kechk a bit before serving to thicken it, cook ten minutes then serve.  

Adding the kechk twice means that I can get both the flavour and the texture I like.  Kechk is a fantastic thickener, and I am eager to try it in gravy next time we have a roast.

The only issue I have with kechk stew is that there is no possible way to photograph it that displays how incredibly delicious it is.  

Kechk is traditionally not vegan friendly, however there is a recipe in Wild Fermentation that explains how you could make a vegan version of this.

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