Friday, November 15, 2013

Pasta day: Ricotta and Chard stuffed tubes

I found these pasta tubes in a store and I thought to myself, "hmm... I've never tried that before, but I bet it will go well with chard."  Without a solid plan, I brought them home and set to work making myself a treat.

A few minutes playing with google, and I didn't find any recipe that appealed to me, so I gave up and just went with my gut instinct.  That was the best decision I made all week.  The pasta turned out So Friggin Fantastic!

The filling:  Ricotta, which ended up being home made, with chard from my garden that has been boiled and finely chopped.  Salt, pepper and a pinch of cayenne.

The sauce: onion, garlic, a carrot (first of the winter carrots from the garden).  Tomato sauce, wine, spicy rooster sauce, basil, salt and pepper.

Crispy fried bacon chunks for the top.  And some more whine in the dish to help the pasta cook through.

Sorry guys, it smelt so good and I was so hungry I couldn't wait to take a good photo.

Next time I think I'll put a thin layer of sauce under the pasta tubes to help them cook evenly all around.

There are some tubes left and I have a craving to somehow combine them with squash.  hmmm... have no idea how to pull that off.

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