Thursday, August 2, 2012

A fresh start

Welcome to The Adventures of a Whole Wheat Pastafarian.

It's a blog about food.

Myself?  I am a farm girl who absolutely adores cooking.  Doing the dishes, on the other hand, that I don't enjoy so much.

I belive that what you eat is a statement of who you are and where you see yourself belonging in this world.  Food can be an expression of your religion, your culture, your heritage, your likes, your health, your social status, you age, the current trends, your political values, your environmental conciousness, or simply how busy you are in a day.

Every bite consumed is an expression of yourself.

Eating is the one thing that everyone must do to survive, but what we eat... well, that's the interesting part.  Most of us have a choice of what to eat, some of us do not.  For those of us with choices, how many take the time to think about what food they choose to eat says about themselves?

Do you take the time to grow the food yourself, nourishing each seed, harvesting it at just the right moment at the peak of flavour, then preparing it with care, cooking it slowly to savour the flavours, and then savouring each mouthful?  Or are you so busy, you grab the closest drive through fast food meal you can?  Can you tell which one I like better?  I imagine most people these days are somewhere in between, they want to eat healthy, delicious, affordable food, but can't find the time to make it.

Some of you might be wondering "What's with the Pastafarianism thing?  Isn't that a joke or atheist or something?"   Pastafarians are people who follow the teachings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Aside from being respectful and tolerant of all people in the world, eating pasta and drinking beer on Fridays (the Pastafarian holy day), and dressing up like a pirate from time to time, there isn't much else to being a Pastafarian.

A Whole Wheat Pastafarian believes that by having a food based deity (or a food based on a deity) is a sign that one should focus their efforts on creating delicious and wholesome foodstuff.  Some might take up profession as a cook, other's have their own garden.  Myself, I focus on caring for the soil.  All life begins with soil.  Healthy dirt makes for sustainable agriculture, healthy plants and healthy people.  Or, to go the other way: Good food starts with good ingredients, which come from sustainable agricultural practices.  A Whole Wheat Pastafarians believes that it is our divine gift to be entrusted with the land that gives us food, and we are responsible for leaving this gift in a better state than when we received it.

Whole Wheat Pastafarianism is a bit more hard core than your regular pasta based religious calling.  It's an entire lifestyle choice.  It's not just something you do on Fridays as an excuse to drink beer - although there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion - it's an holistic way of approaching the world that includes the occasional drinking of beer.  To put it in the jargon of our times: Whole Wheat Pastafarianism is The Slow Food Movement, meets the Environmental Movement, meets the Buy Local movement, meets the Sustainable Agriculture Movements, meets the Organic Movement, with a pinch of Hippie tossed in for seasoning.

Sometimes Pastafarianism get's a bit political, especially when associated with education, but I'm not interested in all that.  I would much rather focus on food and avoid all that gobbly gook.  For that reason, all comments will be moderated.

I do actually consider myself a Pastafarian, but how seriously I take it, well that's my little secret.

Welcome to my blog,


  1. I am really happy to find this blog. Really, really happy.

  2. Yay! I exited the mobile version of your site and realized you have a whole blog!