Friday, August 17, 2012

Bento Snack - onigiri with pickles

When it's hot like this, I do all my cooking as early in the day as possible.  Even though I'm home all day, I still make myself a few bento meals.  I find it very difficult to digest solid food when I'm overheated, so I try to make the tastes as mild and appealing as possible.

Today's bento: one onigiri (rice ball) with ume plum and nori wrap, one yakionigiri with tuna mayo filling and a side of Nuka Pickles.

Nice, simple, slightly colourful but not overwhelming.

Just so you know, I didn't eat the tuna-mayo onigiri.  I forgot that both fish and mayo spoil really quickly when stored at 35degrees C.  Just one bite was enough to know this is not safe for my stomach.

These are my first pickles in my new nuka vat.  They are okay and there is a defiantly a nuka favour there, but I think it needs to mature a few more days before it's ready.

I love how the optional inner section of this box has an almost leek proof lid for keeping the flavours separate

And for those of you wondering why it's Friday and I'm not eating pasta: Being a dedicated Pastafarian does not mean that I can only eat pasta on Fridays (our holy days), but rather that we must consume at least some pasta on Fridays (and beer, the beer is just as important).  Besides there are many lapsed Pastafarians who do not eat noodles every Friday.  It's a matter of personal preference.

For those who are super-curious, tonight will be a late night helping of garlic pasta with a side of spicy sausage and any left over veg (mostly fennel kimpura and pickles) that I can find in the fridge.

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