Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lunch for a little person

I really have no idea what toddlers eat.  I figure it must be something like human food, only cuter and softer.  But I've been watching (very closely) what mummies feed their kids, and I finally decided to take a chance and offer to cook lunch for both parent and tike.

Since most of the adult lunch is pretty simple, tamagoyaki, shio-koji chicken, potato salad (from this Cooking with Dog video, only scaled up a lot!), carrot gobo kimpura, and rice, I figured that he could have mostly what we are having plus a little bit of something special just for him.

So I made him some boiled veg and onigiri.

Only it's never quite that simple, is it?

What has this crazy person done to these carrots?

My friend told me that calcium is important for kids, so I added some goat cheese hearts and a cheddar flower, with a nori centre.  In case you are wondering, kids adore nori.  I haven't met a person under the age of 5 that won't gobble it up given the chance.  I couldn't get the nori to stick to the cheese, so I used a bit of potato salad as a glue.  He didn't seem to mind.

And a cute container to wrap it up in.

For a kid just entering the hight of the NO stage, he sure said yes to this lunch.  Although, to be honest, he liked the onigiri and the potato salad much better than the veg, but *shrug*, what can one do?

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