Saturday, August 4, 2012

Raspberry Vinegar

Sadly, it's nearing the end of the raspberry season.  But there is still enough left of the canes for a batch of raspberry Vinegar.

Raspberry vinegar is a deliciously refreshing cordial that is full of antioxidants and is beneficial for the digestion and the heart. My recipe is especially good for you as it doesn't use white sugar. Stir a few tablespoons of this vibrant red liquid into a glass of water for a refreshing summer treat.

Before you can make the Raspberry Vinegar you need to juice the raspberries.  About one gallon of rasberries makes 4 to 5 cups of juice.

I'm lucky because I have this old style, gentle juicer. If you are doing this at home,don't put it through your electric juicer, it will crush the seeds and make a bitter taste. Instead, put it in a bowl and take a potato masher to it. Then strain the juice through two layers of muslin cloth to separate the seeds. Keep the juice, plant the seeds in your neighbour's (or yours) garden to see if it grows into raspberries at some later date. I don't know if it would work as most berry seeds grow better when processed through a digestive track, but it's worth a try.

Raspberry Vinegar

4 cups raspberry juice
4 cups apple cider vinegar
1 cup honey (or for a vegan friendly alternative use 1 and 1/2 cups sugar)

  • Stir well and put on the stove at low heat and slowly bring to a simmer (not boil), stirring frequently and skimming off any froth that forms on the top.
  • The froth is quite bitter and the taste that is most desirable in raspberry vinegar is a sour and slightly sweet, refreshing taste. It's really worth it to take the time to prevent bitterness from infecting your concoction.
  • Once it begins to simmer, turn off heat.  At this stage you can place in sterile canning jars and can it, or  it will keep in the fridge for about a month.

I love this with sparkling water, but one needs to be careful as it can froth something terrible.  Trust me, raspberry stains are quite difficult to get out of your best top.

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