Friday, August 24, 2012

Soy-Sub update Aug 2012

Updated the list of soy sauce substitutes (Soy-Sub) to include a link to a possible recipe that I'm keen to try and to include a photo of this Rice based Soy-Sub that I get from Japan.

The ingredients list is Rice and Salt, and it is somehow fermented to make a taste very close to a light soy sauce.  This is by far the best soy-sub I've ever had.  It's really delicious, acts like soy sauce when you cook with it, but is very hard to come by.

However, I've just discovered a service called JapanOnly, which claims to be able to acquire those rare and hard to find Japan only goods and send them to you for a small fee.  If they can get this sauce, it will be well worth it.   Fingers Crossed.

I'm constantly updating the Soy-Sub list whenever I find some new soy-free-soy-sauce, so keep an eye on it.  It's not just about soy-sub recipes, but also about what soy sauce does and why some soy-sub works sometimes and not others.

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