Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cavena Nuda - Adding Naked Oats to Rice

They call it Rice of the Prairies, but it's actually a fancy new kind of oat.  Developed in part by Agriculture Canada (and heavily promoted by said government agency), these oats are hull-less, so they require fewer resources to process and are therefore suppose to be environmentally friendly.  My problem is, I don't know if these are a GM food or not, it was all rather sudden when they started appearing in the agricultural magazines, then a couple of months later they were on the shelf ready to eat.  The big government push behind this grain makes me instantly suspicious, but apparently not enough to avoid eating it.

Because it's so high in trace nutrients and because being on a low-to-no fibre diet means avoiding whole grains as a dietary staple, my Dr suggested I add a bit of this to my rice to help balance my nutritional profile.  For relatively little fibre, I'm able to gain a great deal of nutrients, and it doesn't taste all that bad either.

You can see the little brown specks if you squint and move extra close to your computer monitor.  They are the oats.

The oats add a mildly nutty flavour to the rice and have a similar texture to adding brown rice.   They taste exceptionally good in yakionigiri (fried rice balls).  They are very simple to add to rice.  However, I have noticed that if you don't give them a good wash before cooking, they won't cook as well and tend to stay quite hard.

First I measure my rice, and for each cup of white rice, I remove one tsp and replace it with 1 tsp of oats.  Then I wash as per normal, put in the rice cooker as per normal 'mixed' rice setting, and eat as per normal.  Very simple, very quick, and rather yummy.  

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